What are the most common immigration interview questions?

USCIS generally schedules personal interviews only for those applying for a Green Card (adjustment of status or removal of conditions) or U.S. citizenship.

The immigration interview questions differ depending on what is the basis for the Green Card application. As a general rule, the questions asked during the immigration interview pertain to the underlying immigrant (approved or pending) immigrant Visa petition.

For example, in an employment-based adjustment of status interview, the immigration officer will likely ask questions about the current employment, past work experience, etc.

The immigration interview questions that are more intimidating are those asked during Green Card applications based on marriage to a U.S. citizen or Lawful Permanent Resident. It is estimated that at least 1 out of 7 marriages between U.S. citizens and foreign nationals are fradulent. In other words, they are sham marriages, contracted for the sole purpose of obtaining immigration benefits. This is why Immigration officers are always very suspicious about marriage-based Green Card applications.

While the questions asked by an immigration officer could be intimidating, it is important to understand that no special preparation is necessary. The interview will most likely have a favorable outcome if the spouses live together in marital union.

In any event, this is a short list of the most common immigration interview questions asked by USCIS officer adjudicating Green Card applications based on marriage:

  • How did you meet, and when?
  • When did you start dating?
  • When did he proposed you to get married?
  • Did you meet each other's parents?
  • Did you meet each other's relatives?
  • How long have you lived together?
  • What is your spouse's date of birth?
  • What is your spouse's cellphone number?
  • Where does your spouse work? What is his/her work schedule?
  • What do you generally do on Sundays?
  • Where did you last go on vacation together?
  • Did any of your family members or friends attend your wedding ceremony?
  • Did you have a wedding reception? Where?
  • How did you come here (USCIS office) today? Did you travel together? Did you have breakfast?
  • Are you planning to have children?

Most people attend the immigration interview alone. However, you can have your immigration attorney present at the interview.

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