Immigration Lawyer in New Jersey

As you seek to immigrate into the United States, there are specific qualities you should look for in the attorney you have chosen to represent your case. You should find an attorney with a solid knowledge of the laws that involve all aspects of immigration. Your attorney should also have a good reputation within the legal community. At the Law Offices of Simone Bertollini, you can be represented by an attorney with all of the above characteristics and more. During my legal education in both Italy and the United States, I developed a personal understanding of immigration laws.

As a New Jersey immigration attorney, I have been admitted to practice law in the States of New York and New Jersey. I am also admitted to the District Courts (Southern District of New York and the District of New Jersey) and Federal Court of Appeals for Second and Third Circuit. Finally, I have been selected by "Super Lawyers" in the 2015 and 2016 New Jersey Rising Stars category.

Areas of Practice

Many immigration matters can be complex and difficult to understand. For that reason, securing the representation of the lawyer at my firm is imperative. Your legal immigration matter is important and requires the personalized attention. I can walk you through the immigration process and provide the legal counsel you need to obtain the best results possible. My firm's customer service cannot be compared with any other firm. I am devoted to providing a great amount of time to understanding even the minutest details in each case. You can secure my firm's aggressive representation with any of the following immigration concerns:

Immigration does not always take place as originally hoped. In such circumstances, you can appeal the decision to the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA). My firm can help you file an appeal if your I-130 petition has been denied by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) due to a charge of Immigration fraud. Also, I have experience handling other denied nonimmigrant Visa appeals.

Asylum is the protection that the United States offers to those who are suffering persecution in their home country or are have a legitimate reason to be concerned that they will face persecution. To be eligible for asylum, you will need to file Form I-589, Application for Asylum and for Withholding of Removal before the one-year mark of your entrance into the United States.

Cancellation Removal
It may still be possible to cancel a deportation, even after being placed in a removal proceeding. My firm can help you follow the various requirements for each type of resident, whether illegal or legal, in the United States. I can help by presenting a convincing argument to the court to have your removal cancelled.

Crimes & Immigration
One situation that can cause a major setback to an immigration case is a criminal conviction. If you are not a citizen but are arrested, your case especially demands the legal attention of my firm. A criminal conviction may trigger deportation from the United States of a non-citizen. Even certain minor criminal convictions can prevent you from either gaining legal permanent residence or losing it.

Deportation Defense
Many non-citizens can face deportation for a number of reasons, including criminal activity. If the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has sent you a notice to appear, your case should be handled with the efficiency of my firm, which concentrates in crimmigration defense. I can be the defense you need to remain legally in the country.

Family-Based Immigration
One common type of immigration is based on family relationships. Immediate relative immigrant visas and family preference immigrant visas can be obtained for specific reasons. My firm can discuss the different type of visas that you can receive and what it may require to obtain this type of immigration.

Federal Immigration Crimes

When the U.S. Government charges you with a Federal Immigration crime, you face severe penalties, such as extended jail time and deportation if you are not a citizen of the United States. I have experience defending criminal immigration cases in Federal Court.

As you seek a waiver of inadmissibility into the United States, you will want to ensure that this process is properly prepared and handled. If your waiver is not prepared in the proper manner, it can be denied. The immigrant can be denied access to the U.S. for various reasons, which is a circumstance my firm can help you avoid.

Guidance Through Your Immigration Case

When it comes to immigration cases, there is no substitute for knowledgeable representation. Your lawyer must have a thorough understanding of the laws to help you accomplish all of your immigration goals. Each of the above immigration matters will require professional legal advice as they are often technical and complex. At the Law Offices of Simone Bertollini, I can assist you through your case with dedication to achieving the best possible results. Feel free to contact my firm today to address your immigration concerns!

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