Work Permit and Travel Document During the Green Card Process

The process of Adjustment of Status is for immigrants that are physically present in the United States and have an immigrant Visa available. Only those in the immediate relative category are allowed to apply for a Green Card even if their current immigration status expired already.

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Applying for an Adjustment of Status

The Adjustment of Status process can take a long time, from 4 months to more than one year, depending on the circumstances of the case. During this wait period it is possible to apply for temporary work authorization as well as an advance parole document (travel permit).

Obtaining the temporary work authorization allows a Green Card applicant to start working legally and apply for a Social Security Number and driver's license.

Leaving the United States while an adjustment of status is pending is considered to be an abandonment of the application, unless advance parole was granted prior to departure. Moreover, a departure without an advance parole document can trigger the 3-year or 10-year ban, if the applicant had overstayed his or her Visa.

The Application Process

The request for temporary work authorization and advance parole document is made on Forms I-765 and I-131. There is no filing fee for these forms when they are filed in conjunction with Form I-485.

Both the temporary work authorization and the advance parole document are revoked when the case is either approved or denied. For this reason, an applicant for Adjustment of Status should travel outside the U.S. only in emergency situations.

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