I-130 Humanitarian Reinstatement

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When a loved one has passed way, family members can request humanitarian reinstatement if they had previously filed for an approved Form I-130. As an example, children of U.S. citizens can file for humanitarian reinstatement, provided that the petition was approved before the parent passed on Another example is a spouse who has petitioned on behalf of his or her spouse.

There are other forms of relief that may also be available to you. It is important that you understand all of the guidelines behind humanitarian reinstatement so that you can determine whether or not it is beneficial to your particular situation. I strongly recommend that you seek counsel with an experienced New Jersey immigration lawyer so you can have additional legal perspective on the process

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Requesting Humanitarian Reinstatement

There are no applications, fees, and other extraneous paperwork to fill out, thankfully. You only need to provide proof of your family member's approved petition and include a written request. In your statement, you will want to include the reasons that warrant "a favorable exercise of discretion," or in other words, that your circumstances and immigration status is a much more advantageous situation.

These are some of the considerations that you may include:

  • How immigration will impact your family's lives in the U.S.
  • If you or someone in your family is suffering from a serious medical condition
  • The age of your family members and their dependence on your care
  • Other factors that you believe will supplement your request

If you are unsure of whether or not humanitarian reinstatement is right for your situation, bring your case to me. I can sit down with you to help you weigh the pros and cons, and then provide you with legal advice for moving forward. Together, we can determine whether or not this is the right option for you, and work on a plan that can align you more closely with your goals.

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