Federal Immigration Crimes

Immigration Crimes

Crimes related to illegal immigration are a serious threat to national security and can adversely impact the health and well-being of both aliens and U.S. citizens alike. Americans and foreign nationals may become embroiled in many types of offenses, each carrying repercussions that range from fines and property forfeiture to life imprisonment.

Immigration law is complex and nuanced, and it is ill-advised to try and tackle an illegal status or impending conviction without legal advice and sound professional intervention.

Why Work with My NJ Immigration Firm?

Whether you have been charged with a crime, have reentered the country illegally, or need help determining your eligibility for waivers, I can lead you in the right direction. As a New Jersey Immigration Attorney, I am qualified to advocate for you as you face legal trouble, and I have extensive experience defending clients charged with criminal immigration violations in Federal Court.

Types of Cases We Handle

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Alien Hindering Removal From The U.S.

If you have not left the United States within the 90 day removal period, you may be charged with hindering removal. This offense carries a maximum term of imprisonment of four years, a period of supervised release following imprisonment, and a maximum fine of $250,000. A court may decide to suspend a sentence based on mitigating factors; therefore it is crucial that you have strong representation as you present your case.

Bringing In and Harboring Certain Aliens

Is it illegal to let an immigrant who entered without inspection live with me? Can I help an undocumented friend find a job? These are some questions we frequently receive related to harboring illegal immigrants. Harboring is any action that can significantly facilitate an alien's capacity to stay in the United States illegally. It is unlawful for anyone to harbor, hide, or shield from detection by any means, a foreign national who is not a legal resident of the U.S. These types of crimes can carry sentences of 5, 10, and even 20 years.

Fraud and Misuse of Visas, Permits, and Other Documents

Immigration fraud leads to a lifetime blacklist with very little room for forgiveness. There are many kinds of fraud. Document fraud is the making, sale or use of forged IDs like driver's licenses and passports. Benefit fraud is the deliberate misrepresentation of facts on an application to get immigration benefits like a green card. Marriage fraud applies to anyone who enters into a marriage under false pretenses for the purpose of evading U.S. immigration law. I can help you avoid fraud by guiding you through the process of properly completing legal applications, petitions, and/or waivers.

Re-Entry of Deported Aliens

If you return to the U.S. without consent after a removal order, the removal order may be reinstated. Moreover, you may be charged with the crime of illegal reentry. In this case, a special waiver form called the I-212 can possibly relieve you of inadmissibility.

If you have been charged with a criminal immigration offense, you have to consult a New Jersey Immigration Lawyer without delay. Contact us by phone or fill out a case evaluation form.

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