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Juvenile Immigration

The Law Offices of Simone Bertollini believes in standing up for those in need, especially youths in need of legal representation. We have laws that allow asylum to refugees coming from countries in the midst of political upheaval, who face persecution, or whose families are torn apart by war.

The Special Immigrant Juvenile visa (SIJ) offers a similar route for children who have been harmed, abandoned, beaten, or abused in their native country the chance to find solace in the United States.

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What Are the Requirements?

There are two elements for SIJ applicants. First, children who are unable to reunite with their parent due to abandonment, abuse, or neglect s are eligible to apply. The second is a benefit, and it will allow those children to have a green card, and live and work in the States.

Here are the further eligibility requirements:

  • The petitioner must be under the age of 21
  • The petitioner cannot be married at the time of filing and during the decision-making process
  • The petitioner may not have previously had a marriage that ended in annulment, divorce, or death
  • The petitioner must be currently staying in the United States

Filing Process for an SIJ Visa

The process begins first by filing Form I-360, Petition for Amerasian, Widow(er), or Special Immigrant and Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status. There is a $405 filing fee for Form I-360 unless you qualify for an exception.

The following may be exempt from the filing fee:

  • Amerasians
  • Abused family members of U.S. citizens who are self-petitioning
  • Iraqi nationals who worked for the U.S. government
  • Afghan nationals who worked for the U.S. government

What Happens After You File?

Filing for SIJ Visa

After you file the Form I-485, you will be required to make an appointment with USCIS where they will take your fingerprints and take your photograph. You will be required to bring your passport or state-issued photo ID from your birth country to this appointment.

There will also be an interview that takes place. You may be able to waive the interview for certain special reasons including your need for critical medical care that requires a green card, the loss of a scholarship, or loss of your place to live if you do not get your green card right away.

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As a New Jersey immigration lawyer, I, Simone Bertollini, am here to assist families when they need it most. Knowing that immigration laws can be quite complicated, I can help you overcome any challenges you may face along the way while offering you sound legal advice and compassionate words of wisdom.

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