T Visa in New Jersey

Are you a victim of human trafficking?

Individuals who are victims of serious human trafficking can apply for a T visa, which is a product of the Trafficking and Violence Protection Act of 2000. The T visa can be sought by nonimmigrants in the United States who seek an adjustment after either of the following qualifications has been met:

  • Three years of continuous presence in the United States
  • Continuous period during an investigation of trafficking
  • Continuous presence during the prosecution of the acts of trafficking

Nonimmigrant individuals with a T visa will also need a certification from the Attorney General that proves that the investigation or prosecution has been finalized.

The purpose of the T visa for victims of severe human trafficking would be to obtain protection in the United States for up to four years if the return to their home would put them in extreme hardship.

Severe trafficking includes any of the following sources for involuntary servitude or sex trafficking:

  • Fraud
  • Use of force
  • Coercion

Applying for the T Visa

If you wish to file for the T visa, you will need to complete Form I-914 which is the "Application for T Nonimmigrant Status." The requirements of this form include:

  • Correct fee or a request for a fee waiver
  • Current photos and fingerprint fee
  • Evidence that you would suffer extreme hardship if removed

The process of applying for the T visa is complicated and involves different procedural requirements. My firm can help you understand the documents and can help you handle your T visa application. I have a deep understanding of immigration law and I know how to apply my knowledge to each client's case.

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