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The immigration process can be extremely complicated and difficult to navigate, so don't hesitate to obtain counsel from my firm, the Law Offices of Simone Bertollini. As a Cedar Grove immigration lawyer, I have provided representation to clients with many different issues, from deportation to visa applications. My goal is to give personalized attention to each and every one of my clients so that we can work together toward an effective solution that is tailored to their situation. I know firsthand that this process can be frustrating, so I make it my first priority to support you throughout the entire case.

With my extensive knowledge of immigration law, you can trust me to take care of all your needs. I have received a law degree from two different countries, the United States and Italy. This makes me one of the few lawyers who has full legal qualifications from two countries. Currently, I am a member of the New York and New Jersey State Bar, as well as admitted to practice in the U.S. District Court for Southern New York and New Jersey, and the United States Court of Appeals, Second and Third Circuit. I am fluent in three different languages: English, Spanish, and Italian, allowing me to better reach more clients in their own language.

Comprehensive Immigration Representation for Residents of Cedar Grove

At the Law Offices of Simone Bertollini, I provide the best possible legal representation to help my clients obtain a better future. As an experienced Cedar Grove immigration attorney, I can assist with a number of different immigration-related issues. If you are facing forced removal, then I can provide deportation defense, advocating for you in front of the courts. I may be able to get a cancellation of removal or asylum for you. Those who are trying to obtain legal status in the United States for themselves or their family should come to me so that I can help them provide the right documentation. If you have been refused immigration with a notice of intent to deny, then I can help you file a waiver to contest the decision. Contact me if you have any questions about your case and how I can help. I also help those who have committed a crime and are now facing permanent consequences.

If you are ready to begin working on your case, then don't wait to call my firm! I am a Cedar Grove immigration lawyer that wants to make sure that you get a favorable outcome. I care about you and your family and am ready to assist you when you need it most. Start by filling out a free case evaluation so I can review your case and let you know how I can help.

About Cedar Grove, NJ

The township of Cedar Grove is located in north Essex County. It has a population of approximately 13,000 persons, of which about 75% are families. The town has been rated one of the best places to live in both Essex County and all of New Jersey.

Cedar Grove was originally part of Horseneck Tract, an area of land that was purchased in 1702. Settlers named it Horseneck Tract because it was irregularly shaped like a horse's neck and head. In 1896, it gained local attention with the building of the county's first mental institution. Half a decade later, Cedar Grove began to grow as a suburb for those who were moving out of the cities of New York and Newark. To find out more about the township of Cedar Grove, please look into the resource links below.

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